Couture’s new step

This seasons’ couture collections brought on a refreshing breeze of change and relevance. There were clothes that moved freely with the body, sneakers and a feeling that couture was heading in a new direction—one which actually reflects the way modern women dress and want to dress.

The Chanel collection saw all the models sporting customized sneakers paired with each of their outfits. It was incredibly light, iridescent and full of fresh energy. There was a nod to the 80s with bumbags and knee-pads, as well as medieval silhouettes in the form of corseted midriffs which was at the core for the collection’s defining looks of mini boleros, cropped jackets and skirts. The clothes and shoes allowed the models so much freedom and mobility that many of them skipped down the stairs to the runway simply because they could. Each pair of the aforementioned sneakers handcrafted by Atelier Massaro, took no less than 30 hours to make.

At Christian Dior, sequined slip-on pool shoes made an appearance on the runway. Paired with dresses which could easily transition from day to night, this ease and effortlessness is perfectly suited to today’s modern women.

In what could be seen as a role reversal, instead of creating fantasy showpieces, these couture houses have looked to the street and daily life to create clothes that are very relevant, very now, and most importantly, suited to the lifestyle of the modern couture customer who wants to wear her couture pieces from day to night; business to play with ease.

This new attitude we’re seeing proves that couture is no longer reserved for stiff gowns and art pieces destined for the museum. It is a new way of thinking and looking at couture and how it stays relevant today. As Karl puts it “What is better about couture, than the feeling of now.”