Kings County Distillery

Founded in 2010 by friends Colin Spoelman and David Haskell, Kings County Distillery is the first operating whiskey distillery in NYC since prohibition. Like many small distilleries which began to take advantage of the lifting of prohibition-era regulations a few years back, what began as a hobby in their apartment has now expanded to larger digs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where they’ve even got a small plot of land to grow a modest crop of organic corn and barley.

Born out of Spoelman’s interest in making moonshine, a term given to any high-proof spirit made in an unlicensed still, it was a way for him to remember his cultural heritage, and sharing that culture with others. They are now one of the most sought after whiskeys in the city, with both their bourbon and moonshine flying off the shelves. Earlier in the year, the team paired up with another local darling, Mast Brothers Chocolate, to create an intensely “flavoured” whiskey using ground-up cocoa husks.

The distillery is founded and continues purely out of love and passion. The guys and everyone who works at Kings County all have “day-time” jobs, and, that’s something really special.

On Saturdays, the team run a tour and tasting, where you can find out exactly how their whiskeys are made, and of course, sample their fine creations.

Kings County Distillery
Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bldg 121
Brooklyn, NY 11205