MONA – Museum of
Old and New Art

MONA is a place where art is discovered rather than being displayed on the wall. From descending the spiral staircase into a subterranean world, to discovering the peculiar and unfamiliar—the entire experience feels otherworldly, like an thrilling choose-your-own-adventure story.

Since its opening almost two years ago, MONA – Museum of Old and New Art has transformed the quaint, sleepy town that is Hobart into an international destination.

Its owner, multi-millionaire and avid art-collector David Walsh, commissioned for the incredible museum to be built in no other place than a giant underground cavern carved out from a sandstone cliff.

Since then, the museum has garnered plenty of reviews both positive and critical—in part due to the huge impact it has had on Hobart’s tourism, and more importantly, its controversial art collection.

Sex, vulgarity, and death are recurring themes found throughout the collection. Yet interspersed throughout the more provocative and challenging artworks, there are pieces so achingly beautiful and visually stunning, they will linger on in your memory for long afterwards.

Like Claire Morgan’s Tracing Time, where a falling wren is “frozen in time” amongst 10,000 dandelion seedlings; to Julius Popp’s Bitfall, where words from the internet are collected and dispensed as water droplets through an “inkjet-like” device, resulting in a cascading fall of words, as quickly formed as it is lost; to Reynold Reynold’s Secret Machine—many of the artworks draw you in and leave you mesmerised.

Once you’ve completed your tour of the museum, Moorilla estate next door provides an idyllic place to unwind and enjoy an excellent tipple or a fresh brew. Being the entrepreneur he is, Walsh has struck genius again in bringing together the worlds of food, wine, beer, and art in perfect union.

MONA Museum of Old and New Art
655 Main Road Berriedale
Hobart, Tasmania