PSFK – The Future of Home Living

PSFK has transformed the latest of their popular Future Of… trend report series—The Future of Home Living—into an immersive, physical exhibition in NYC. Split across three main categories: Adaptive, On-demand and Equilibrium, the exhibition showcases a broad yet in-depth survey of innovative products and services aimed at improving our lives in the home.

Adaptive looks at products with the ability to match your changing needs throughout the day, On-Demand features wireless devices and tailored subscription services which allow you to control your environment as well as making your life easier, and Equilibrium focusses on products that can help create balance and well-being in the home.

The excellently curated show offers us an insightful glimpse into the future of our living spaces and here are some of the highlights:

Sitting is the new smoking—with our demanding schedules, sitting at our desks for up to 10 hours a day is becoming ubiquitous with bad health and obesity. The Camille Desk by Vurv Design is a smartly designed compact wall unit which folds out to become a standing desk and workstation.

Jawbone UP allows you to track your activity, sleep, and meal patterns with this sleek, sensor-rich wristband that sends all pertinent data to a smartphone app. After learning your daily routine and sleep patterns, the Jawbone UP can even wake you up at the best possible time during your sleep cycle.

Doorbot is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that alerts homeowners when someone comes to the door by sending audio and video notifications to their smartphone or tablet.

The EcoVéa Shower System by Reveeco delivers up to 80% water and energy savings by showering the user in a loop of filtered, treated and reused water. Currently in prototyping stages, this would be great product for any home.

With the help of the Koubachi Plant Sensor, anyone can now become a green thumb. Like a living tamagochi in your home, you can use your phone or computer to tell the Koubachi sensor the type of plant you have and in return, the sensor will monitor moisture, temperature and light to ensure the wellbeing of your plants.

Featuring prominently throughout the exhibition were an array of tailored subscription services from renting art for your walls to having a surprise curated gift pack delivered to your door every 3 months.

GetArtUp is a monthly art subscription service offering an affordable way for people to decorate their empty walls while also increasing awareness around contemporary artists. And if you happen to fall in love with the artwork, you can buy it outright.

Hello Fresh makes food preparation an effortless task with pre-measured ingredients of chef-curated meals delivered to its subscribers’ doorsteps every week.

Svbscription is a high end subscription service which sends a curated package of goodies every quarter to its subscribers. Giving away subtle clues to what the fits may be each time, subscribers will always get an element of surprise upon receiving the unique packages.

There was also a focus on DIY products for the home such as the Arduino Kit and the DIY Speakers kit by London-based TechnologyWillSaveUs.

And last but not least, Aaron Meshon’s playful illustrations brought the exhibition to life and helped us envision these amazing products in our future abodes.

Visit The Future of Home Living at 101 West 15th Street. The exhibition runs until Aug 15.